20 02 2010

Hi everybody, Im(Erin) here to introduce the recently released Dutch Touch MaaN skin! 🙂 These skins not only have clear and soft complextions but also soft neutral makeup shades perfect for the spring time. The look is very natural and fresh! Im sure everyone will enjoy this skin, so go get ittt! Give Props to Iki Ikarus.

-love erin


Lelutka’s Ife

19 02 2010

I(Anja) know I am kind of late with this skin review but please bare with me, My computer was having trouble. However other than that I’m here now and here to share with you a brilliant skin. This particular skin was created by Lelutka called Ife, To me it is the best skin Ive had so far, It’s very high fashion and full of so much realistic features such as the lips, nose, and breast.

-Love Anja

The Devil Wears Lelutka

11 02 2010

Lelutka maybe one of the top high fashion brands on SL. There fashion is a mix of badass and simple retro funk. Splashes of color makes the fashion look like a piece of art. Rather walking down a runway at or down the streets of SL, your sure to make a big impression when wearing Lelutka.
Lelutka is SL’s chanel<3


On Erin(left):
skin: Jolie-Pale:Makeup 16 Bunny B
hair: XANTHE hair-sweeden Lelutka*
Outfit: Spikes Back-coal Lelutka*
shoes: Xian-powder Vive coming soon

On Anja(Right):
skin: Jolie-Pale:Makeup  17 Bunny B
hair: Powder !Lamb
Outfit: Spikes Back-nude *Lelutka
shoes:  Xian-raspberry Vive coming soon
earings: unreleased

On Anja (Left):
skin- Jolie-Pale: Makeup 13 Bunny B
hair-Lokk-black Boon
Top- Prison Jacket-silver *Lelutka
Bottom-Enigma Pants-turquoise *Lelutka

On Erin (Right):
skin-Jolie-Pale: Makeup 16 Bunny B
hair-Jeniffer Hair-just done *Lelutka
Outfit-Macabre Warrior *Lelutka

-Oh Pacadi-

8 02 2010

Oh Pacadi, Pacadi is a high-end fashionable store that is a must see! The store is filled with bright cute simple looks! Not only do they have dresses and fun tees but they also have sexy lingerie with delicate lacing here and there. It never hurts to look fashionable under your clothes. Looking for something stylish or sexy, Pacadi is the place to go ❤

On Anja (right):
skin: Carrot-carmel Vive9
hair: PomPai Hair- (Blonde) powder Lelutka
Lingerie Set-Onna Lingerie *PACADI
earings: unreleased item

On Erin (Left):
skin: Carrot-carmel Vive9
hair: Lulu- (Blonde)driftwood Truth
Lingerie Set: Onna Lingerie *PACADI

On Anja (right):
skin: Carrot-carmel Vive9
hair: Oh my Darling [Oh.]
Lingerie Set: Amrita Lingerie- blue/teal *PACADI
earings: Dark Crow Earrings [ShadeThrone]

On Erin (Left):
skin: Carrot-carmel Vive9
hair: Kate.2-moddy brown
Lingerie set: Amrita Lingerie-hibiscus/yellow *PACADI


6 02 2010

LMK, La Maison Kaestner Store, A store that we adore! The style here is very clean-cut and elegant. Simple but fashionable.Did we mention good priced! When you’re looking for a cute short and fun dress, come here. They have a lot versatile looks, where you can just throw on a cute blazer or simple strapy heels and be ready to go! So here you have it, LMK check it out<3

On Anja:

Dress: Mini Babydoll Dress Nude(Lmk)
Skin: LuLu Apricot (Vive9)
Hair:  Alex II (Maitreya)
Bracelets: Herion Copper  Bangles (ShadeThrone)

On Erin

Dress:Bustier Dress (LMK)
Skin: Marianne Latex Tanned (Vive)
Hair: Im a Realist-Butterfinger (!Lamb)

First Post! Ohmygah

6 02 2010

Ok so we just completed our first post yesterday! ShadowsCreek is in buisness for sure, and Were still making tweaks and fixes to our blog but Stay tune for more posts in the next couple of days. Your One stop for simple and fashionable looks! -mwah (a&e).

Quotes of the day:

If you are not in fashion, you are nobody.
-Lord Chesterfield

A girl should be two things: classy and fabulous.

CoCo Chanel